Harmony is the study of links between chords and scales. Understanding harmony is essential to improvising and mature songwriting. It is something you can't just read about to understand — you have to actually hear it.

Pascal has created two series of classes on harmony for the guitar:

Each class is jam-packed with one full hour of instruction, quizzes, and applications. A complete set of complementary handouts comes with each class. Together, the class instruction and handouts form the musician's ultimate tool for unlocking the secrets of harmony. Each class will provide a lifetime of musical dividends.

The Harmony Series

The Harmony Series provides the indispensable fundamentals all musicians must master in order to become melodic, consistent, and in control of their playing. This series covers (in alphabetical order):

  • advanced songwriting
  • advanced techniques for rapid key identification
  • chord contents
  • chord families
  • chord shapes and scale shapes on the fingerboard
  • composing in one key
  • direct modulations
  • easy modulations
  • five-note and seven-note scales
  • grades of transposition
  • harmony applied to songwriting
  • the Circle of Fifths
  • how scales relate to chord families
  • intervals
  • key centers
  • key identification
  • key signatures and accidentals
  • major/minor relatives
  • modulations with pivot chords
  • more advanced chords
  • scale contents
  • secrets of quick visualization
  • "surprise" chords modulations
  • the correct way to write chord charts ...

... and much, much more!

"I can now see how understanding harmony is essential. Once you know the formula, you can improvise much better and the playing can become much more creative. The classes really help facilitate progress between guitar lessons. They are a good complement to the lessons."

- F, Renton

"As I discover the fretboard more and more, my playing improves. The ability to truly understand chord construction, families, progressions and scales is vital."

- T, Renton

Chords & Applied Harmony

The Chords & Applied Harmony Series is the ultimate in hands-on instruction. This series of classes takes you beyond theory and fundamentals and transports you from the world of possibilities to the world of reality. Your hands will never leave the fingerboard. You will master the secrets of instantly knowing the best voicings for any chord progression. The individual topics are too numerous to list, but rest assured—this series will unlock the fingerboard for you forever.

"Your lessons have opened many doors for me, and the harmony classes have probably been my favorite part. I have always wanted to be able to craft songs of my own, and having an understanding of harmony has made it possible. As for improvising, when I am playing along to a CD or with a friend, I can move around the neck easier and get to the right notes sooner, so the jam is more fun. Knowing what I now know about theory and harmony has made it easier for me to find the direction that I want to go and even gives me more options for taking my riff in other directions."

- C, Seattle

"Your technical knowledge is multiplied by your sincerity and enthusiasm. Your ability to articulate the principles of harmony as applied to practical guitar playing is at a very high level. You truly have made a science of what you do."

- D, Seattle

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